Who makes up the Sunshine Crew?

Who makes up the Sunshine Crew?

Who makes up the Sunshine Crew?  If I (Krista) am busy transporting kids to and from school events or helping my husband in the fields during busy season, you will find one of three smiles at the store.


The first crew member - Nikki - is my right hand woman.  Nikki has been at Sunshine for over four years.  Prior to opening Sunshine, I didn’t even know Nikki, and now we are the best of friends.  If you have ever been into the store when both of us are working together, you know that it’s nonstop giggles, ornery behavior, and just plain lots of fun.  Nikki’s personality involves an infectious smile, an honest review of what you’re trying on, and most probably a comment on what your husband is going to say when he sees you in that new outfit.  She’s dangerous; if you head into the fitting room, I assure you that if you were planning on buying just one top, Nikki will send you away with at least three.  She’s that good!  She has an eye for fashion and a heart for helping you look and feel amazing.  I have said and will continue to say that with the creation of Sunshine, Nikki has been the best thing that has happened to me throughout it all.  I love her like a “sister from another mother”. 


The second crew member - Payton - is a college student who has helped me tremendously with moving into the 21st century.  Ha!  With the addition of our website in the last few months, Payton has helped me make that transition by manhandling that animal pretty much herself.  The online world scares me…not Payton, though.  She loves it, has a passion for it, and makes it look so easy.  She has also printed off every single barcode for every single item in my store, making the checkout process and inventory in the store more seamless and efficient for not only me, but also for our customers.  Payton is a hard worker, and I can’t wait to see all that she does in her adult life.  Watch out, world.  She’s going to kill it, and I’m going to cheer her on and cry happy tears all along the way.  I have lots of nieces, and Payton has become another one to me.  I don’t know what I would do without her.  


Finally, our last crew member - Kendra - is a high school girl working multiple jobs, involved in various activities at school, and just being a social teenager.  Most often, Kendra is my after school help who allows me to not miss all the “Mom stuff” that I love to do: watching my kids participate in activities they love to do.  Without her help, I would miss all of those important things.  Kendra has a quiet personality and a big smile.  I have often said that all teenagers should work in customer service for at least a year.  It teaches them to interact with all types of ages, personalities, and temperaments.  Kendra does a great job with this and has worked for me during her “non-busy” times for the last couple of years.  As the school year sets in, you’ll be seeing Kendra more after school and until closing time.  It’s been fun to watch her grow and mature into an even more compassionate, kind, and special young lady.  Just add her to my list of “nieces”; my crew is very special to me, and I love them all.  


Whichever one you find when you walk into Sunshine, you’re sure to find us with a smile on our face and a willingness to help you find items that make you feel confident, happy, and just plain good about life.  


Sparkle on, 


Krista and the Sunshine Crew

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