Meet the Sunshine Crew: Kendra

Meet the Sunshine Crew: Kendra

2020 at Sunshine is going to look much the same as it did in 2019 as far as its crew goes.  Nikki, Payton, and Kendra will still be the crew helping on the floor and behind the scenes.  

I’d like to take some time to introduce you to these girls, give you a little insight into how special they are.  Kendra is my youngest “associate”.  She is a junior at Fort Recovery High School and started working a little for me as a freshman already and then even more as a sophomore. She’s a busy girl as she plays golf in the fall while also putting in time here and at the Mr. Shoppe in Coldwater.  This girl knows sales!

She has a quiet, sweet personality, so hopefully we older crew members won’t rub off on her too much.  Kendra is my go-to girl after school some days, which allows me to get kids picked up from practice and get to games and activities.  Without my after school help, I would miss out on all the important stuff.  

I asked Kendra to write down her thoughts on Sunshine.  Here is what she wrote: “I was asked to write down some of my favorite items at Sunshine.  I would first choose the Ariat shoes as I have two pairs, and I LOVE them.  I can wear them with anything or anywhere.  Next would be the Dear John jeans because they come in so many styles and colors that there is a pair for pretty much anybody.  Finally, my favorite thing here isn’t necessarily a product.  It is the fun atmosphere and second family/home that Krista and the other girls bring with them here.  They make me love coming to work.  Even though I’m not here every day, I look forward to it all week because of them.” 

So…she left this on my desk one day.  When I came to work the next morning, I just sat at my desk and smiled, grew tearful, and smiled again.  When you surround yourself with good people, people who are joyful, motivated, hard working, fun, and just a pleasure to be around, these attributes become you.  So she might think others are bringing that to Sunshine, but Kendra is, too.  We all work well together, and we sure do have fun.  

A special thank you to my crew, and a special thank you to all who walk in these doors and treat my crew with kindness and respect.  It’s not always easy to be a teenager doing customer service, but my girls do it well, and I couldn’t do this without them.  

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