Transitioning Your Closet from Summer to Fall

Transitioning Your Closet from Summer to Fall

The season is changing, so you know what that means.  It’s time to go through the closet.  Women either love this job or dread this job, so if it’s something you dread, let me give you some quick and easy advice.  Focus on these two words: LOVE or LIKE.  If you’ve ever tried anything on on Sunshine, it’s usually the advice I give you when deciding on a new outfit.  “Do you love it, or do you just like it?”  If you just like it, you may not pull it off the hanger to wear very often, and what’s the fun in that?  We want you to buy things you love, things that make you feel confident and positive.   

So…as you’re cleaning out your closet, wondering what you’re going to keep in there for the new season and what you’re going to tote away for next spring/summer, ask yourself the love or like question.  If you only just like it (or really don’t like it at all), you can take to a consignment shop, take to Goodwill or another platform, or send on to a friend who might love it.  Don’t keep something just because you think you might like it again someday.  

As for deciding which clothes will transition into fall, think in layers.  All those sleeveless tops you have don’t necessarily need to go into the tote to pull back out next summer; layer those girls under jackets, cardigans, and blazers this fall and winter.  Get the most bang for your buck with your wardrobe!

The outfit I have on in the pic is an old Karen Kane skirt from Sunshine.  I wear it in the summer with flip flops but can throw tights and heels under it for something more formal for winter.  Adding a jacket or blazer over the tank dresses it up as well as makes it more warm for the cooler months as well.  This is how my brain works when shopping.  How can I wear something casually for the day and then turn it into something more weekend appropriate. If I can answer that question, I’ll buy the outfit. ;)

I hope this helps you transition your closet from summer to fall.  Let me know if you need any help filling in some new gaps with some great stuff from Sunshine! ;)


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