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Happy August, friends.  Let’s start the month off with a beautiful emerald Love BIG embossed tee to give us a goal for the month, a pretty simple goal: Love BIG.We spent some time with several special people over the course of the weekend, people who are dealing with some difficulties in life that aren’t easy, things that could make some people “throw in the towel”.  You may know someone at this very moment that is struggling with something (or you may know many).  We are often left with asking ourselves what we can do for them or how we can help in some small way.  Love them BIG.  That may look different to you than it does to me.  What is does look like for all is using your gifts in a way that can help you love someone in the best way you know how.  Making them a meal might be your thing.  Sending them an uplifting card might be your thing.  Taking ten minutes out of your day to offer up special prayers, or maybe dropping off a coffee in the middle of the day and having a quick chat with them…might be your thing.  Don’t overthink it.  Just do it.  Because that one little “thing” might just be the push they needed to make it through one more hard day.  On a personal note, people who send me and/or my family cards—even today—are literal lifelines.  One of my very good friends sent me a card, maybe six months ago, and it sits in my office window at home because I think it is the most beautiful card with the most perfect words.  I re-read those words on the hard days, and it has given me the motivation I needed more times than I can count.  She didn’t overthink it; well, maybe she did. Ha!  But in the end, she sent it, and it has been a lifeline.Leave a comment with a way to light up someone’s day, to Love them BIG in your own way.  It might just give someone an idea for the month

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