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“Why us?”

“Why not a bad person?”

Just “why?”

These were my prayers to God for a long time after Jake’s accident - as my eyes looked up, pleading - not out of anger as much as uncertainty and frustration.  I’ve been asked many times if I’m angry with God. I can honestly say I have not.  I can say that I’m jealous of Him.  Why?  He has Jake.  I’m not sad for Jake for that reason, but I am sad for all of us who have to live without him and endure the empty feeling in our hearts and in our everyday moments.

The “why” questions will never be answered this side of heaven.  All we can see is our story from here. I choose to believe heaven’s side of the story is a good one because things happen for God’s reasons, and his reasons are always good.  I also admit this isn’t an easy thing to choose, but I’ll continue to keep my eyes looking up and keep these words on repeat: God Rules.  Heaven Rules.  

Many of us go through life with circumstances and experiences that knock every last breath out of us, that take us to a place so dark and daunting that we don’t think we will ever see light again.  This could be the death of a loved one, a diagnosis, a divorce, or any number of things.  We see the darkness and the ugliness of these situations when God’s perspective may not be that at all.  Heaven’s side of the story may not match ours at all.  

Heaven rules.  God leads.  He lights up a path in front of us, and that light may be in the form of a stranger with a friendly smile, a beautiful sunrise after a night of no sleep, or a care package in the mail.  God also holds our hand beside us as He is always with us.  This might be felt in a hug from your son or daughter after a really long day or by a friend who invites you out for coffee.  We just need to trust that His purpose is greater than our pain or our fear or our circumstance, and by following His lead, may our mission be to walk and live and love in such a way that others see heaven’s light in us.

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